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Mission and Core Values

Kennedy Meadows Planning Unit

Mission Statement

The Stewardship Council protects and enhances watershed lands and uses, and invests in efforts to improve the lives of young Californians through connections with the outdoors.


Core Values


We value diversity and believe that greater outcomes are achieved by working together towards cooperative solutions. We strive for and nurture productive relationships with a diversity of communities and stakeholders, and will build alliances and encourage partnerships with people and organizations across the California landscape. We value the input of the public as part of our collaborative effort and will encourage community dialogue as part of our work.


We exist to protect and enhance the beneficial values and uses of the watershed lands and to improve the lives of young Californians through connections to the outdoors. We are bound individually and collectively by the obligation to be good stewards for both land conservation and youth investments, and we will ensure that every action we take and commitment we make clearly serves this purpose.


We will encourage and welcome an atmosphere of learning, discovery, and innovation. We will be flexible and demand a culture that focuses on how something can be accomplished, rather than focusing on why it cannot. We will seek collaborative and innovative solutions to conventional challenges, and we will not shy away from untested approaches we believe offer promising solutions.​


We will make sustainable contributions to California, and provide a legacy of land conservation and youth enrichment that will live beyond the Stewardship Council. Our actions and decision-making will include a clear recognition of long-term stewardship to ensure the benefits of our work are shared by Californians for generations to come.


We will strive to be leaders in the California and national environmental and philanthropic communities, and contribute to the further development and education of ourselves and others. We personally commit to and will hold one another accountable to conduct our work in a thoughtful, creative, and comprehensive manner. We will be sincere, honest, non-discriminatory, and forthcoming in all of our actions, and practice the highest standards of professional integrity in all our work.

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