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Habitat Protection


McArthur Swamp Planning Unit

The Stewardship Council permanently protected 140,000 acres of PG&E Watershed Lands that provide critical habitat for diverse plants and animals.

Many of the properties are keystone lands that fill in gaps in the protected landscape, allowing for wildlife migration and continuous open space.

‘In the area of Fall River Mills and the Hat Creek area, many of the Watershed Lands connect directly with already protected properties.  This provides for conservation continuity which allows for larger habitat protection and a more significant environmental impact.  The importance of connecting these puzzle pieces together cannot be understated.” Paul Vienneau, Shasta Land Trust Executive Director

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See more examples of connected habitat

We were able to make specific investments in habitat improvements for special animals

This work built up local land trust capacity for the scale and pace of conservation in their communities. See what a few of our partners had to say –

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