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Water is gold and becoming more scarce in California as climate change and drought impact the landscape. The PG&E Watershed Lands host critical infrastructure for half of Northern California’s water supply including the headwaters for the state water project and major rivers that flow into Shasta Lake.

PG&E’s hydroelectric system provides safe, reliable and clean energy. Its history dates back to the California Gold Rush. The system is also one of the largest investor-owned hydroelectric system in the nation.


  • The system is built along 16 river basins.

  • The system uses water from more than 100 reservoirs. Most of the reservoirs are located in the higher elevation of California's Sierra Nevada mountain range.

  • The system has 67 powerhouses.

  • The system produces roughly 3,900 megawatts (MW) of power.

  • The system can provide power for nearly four million homes.


PG&E’s hydroelectric system creates recreational areas for public enjoyment. Habitats for fish and wildlife are also established. PG&E Recreational Areas provide day use, camping and boat launching facilities at numerous lakes.

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